Supported Charities

Information on these Charities are listed below. If you would like to join us in supporting these amazing givers please click on their logo to donate.

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UNICEF :: Champion for Children 

UNICEF's Champion for Children Corporate Supporters are Australian small and medium-sized business who have made UNICEF's work their business.

UNICEF Australia works for the survival, protection and development of children worldwide through fundraising, advocacy, education and international development programs. Protecting the rights and well-being of every child. Join this network of Australian businesses and show, no matter your size or type of support, you can form a powerful corporate alliance with UNICEF to help children in need.
Alternatively you can become a Global Parent and make a lasting impact on a child's life. Join us and donate today!

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DESTINY RESCUE :: Promise Home Thailand

Destiny Rescue exists to Rescue, Restore, Protect, Empower and be a Voice for the Voiceless. 

Together, we can help free children that have been bound, restore those that have been wounded and provide a safer world for them to grow up and live in. As long as children are being sold into the sex-trade, and poverty that drives at-risk children into prostitution exists, Destiny Rescue will be fully committed to fighting for their freedom, restoration and offering them a chance to dream again. Join us and donate today!